Medium SEO ServiceWith our MEDIUM SEO SERVICE packages we will provide your site all the basic needs to be well crawled by search engine spiders, and other robots, this means that following a start up SEO analysis we check your site META and TITLE tags and your content to be correctly aimed to your needs.

We adjust your keyword and content strategy to be precise, effective and optimally maximized for your business needs. We check the linking structure and the database structure of your website and we offer you how to optimize your site content to be more effective, faster, and more reliable. We create the necessary web services needed for your website success. (Creating site mapping, robots and ping services)

After finishing the adjustment of your SEO, we submit your site for the most well known search engines, for indexing it.

After submitting your site for the major search engines we create a strong and easy-to-follow link building strategy for your site and we start even building your incoming links, for creating an good visitor base and to attract the search engines more. (Depending on your site content it means from couple of hundreds of links to some thousands)


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