Startup Analysis & Consultation

Through a basic consultation, we will identify together with you your business and your site’s goals and needs on the internet. By pointing out exactly and realizing what you would like to achieve with your website optimization, we will develop a success plan of your website SEO and SEM tactics that will help you achieve your search engine marketing ranking and objectives.

Keyword Research

After analyzing your competitors and your industry for the most popular and marketable search keywords and phrases, we will create the list of keywords that will be the base of your SEO and SEM and we are going to include them in our content writing and link building efforts. After we prepare a final list of keywords, you will choose the specific keyword phrases that your site wishes to rank for, and after your approval of the final keyword list, our optimization work will begin.

Site Optimization

Once a finalized keyword list is developed, our team will optimize the base linking structure of your site, then the titles, tags and META descriptions of every single page on your site. By including specific keyword phrases in the actual source code and your original content of your Web pages, your site will have an easier time ranking for relevant, commonly searched phrases. In case we find your website too difficult or just too old for an effective optimization, we offer you a good and exact solution to re freshen your site software motors and scripts.

Analytical Interfaces

For effectively analyze and track your visitors you need an up to date and programmable analytical interface integrated in your website software motor, one you and your workers can handle and use easy and gain the necessary insight about your visitors needs and customs. Our team will create the analytical interface and build it in your website, automatically creating statistical reports for you, so you just can lay back and think about your business, not losing time on building statistical tables and reports. By monitoring the progress of your SEO strategy, you can adjust your plan at will. At any time, you can choose to remove or introduce specific keyword phrases in order to maximize the benefits of improved rankings.

Keyword-Rich Unique Content

Unique handwritten content is the real power and the source of the true success on the web. We have a team of professional content writers who know how to produce interesting and engaging material for the Web. Whether you need landing pages, product reviews, articles, interviews, press releases or blog postings, our team of writers will create a unique content package that addresses the specific needs of your business. In case you already have a strong vision on your content, or you already created your own content, we help to make the right changes and optimize the content you already have.

Site Map Creation

Search engines and other search services like if website are ready to be cataloged by them, and they index your site easier if they get the basic instruction how to crawl your website and your content. Organizing the pages of your site into logical, easy-to-follow themes will fasten the process, that is why we think it is a must to make your site easier to crawl. A well-ordered site map will not only help the search engine spiders, it will also increase your site’s usability for Internet users, and gives easy access to syndicate your content.

Directory Submissions

Our team will submit your site to popular directories within major search engines. By affiliating your site with a broader network of popular Web pages, you will enhance your site’s visibility and relevancy. On the same time being present on popular website directories means already a great amount of targeted visitor for your site.

Link Development

Search engines likes websites that are linked from other relevant sites. By including a variety of links from popular, relevant Web sites, you can create an entire network of valuable Internet references. Through one-way links, supporting marketing blogs, text link ads and pay-per-post links from blogs, you can build up the credibility of your site and enhance your visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Ranking Reports

Once our SEO works are already started, you will be able to track the development of your search engine ascent with detailed ranking reports, through our built in analytical interface. This will give you the chance to shift your keyword strategies at anytime you will, or also you can just pick up new keywords fitting your ideas the best.

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